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Plumbing issues are the worst and most common problem in Singapore. Imagine a moment you are enjoying your clogged system; the next, you’re staring down a clogged drain or dealing with a leaky faucet. It often happens because of professional plumber work.

That’s why having an experienced & professional plumber is a great choice. Their skilled pros don’t just tackle routine repairs and maintenance – but also ensure lifetime support. Next, they’re your go-to solution.

Whether it’s an overflowing toilet that threatens to flood your bathroom or a funky smell coming from the kitchen sink, we can catch any issues.

So, no more plumbing headaches. The Point is a reliable plumber who is like a superhero for your home or business’s water systems. We keep those pipes and fixtures in tip-top shape. As a result, you can shower, cook, and live life without stressing over plumbing issues. 

Types of Plumbing Services Offered

A.Residential Plumbing Services

1.Plumbing Repairs: Do you Have a leaky faucet or clogged drain in the house? What is driving through your wall? Then, Residential plumbers have a solution for you. They manage all those pesky household plumbing issues —from dripping toilets to blocked sinks. After work, they’ll have things running smoothly again in no time!

2.Water Heater Maintenance and Repair: People will prefer to take an ice-cold shower, am I right? So, professional plumbers ensure your water heater is top-notch and has excellent regular maintenance. Just call when the system gets broken.

3.Drain Cleaning and Unclogging: If left unchecked after work, clogged drains can cause serious backup problems. Good news! Residential plumbers frequently use specialized tools and techniques to blast through even the toughest clogs. They also keep your drains clear and your home free of nasty odors.

4.Plumbing Inspections and Renovations: Have you fixed your mindset to upgrading an outdated bathroom or kitchen? Be not worried. Call Plumbers; they will come & inspect your existing pipes and fixtures. At the same time, identifying any issues. Next, They’ll optimize plumbing whole layouts and install new fixtures, whatever you like.

B.Commercial/Industrial Plumbing Services

1.Pipe Installations and Repairs: There are plumbing businesses and industrial facilities available. Workers in these sectors are skilled at installing piping networks to handle drainage, water supply, and other critical systems. If pipes get leaked or need replacing, plumbers are ready to make those heavy-duty repairs.

2.Plumbing System Maintenance and Upgrades: Regular maintenance checks by professional plumbers can sometimes catch small to significant issues. They’ll also let you know when system upgrades are appropriate to boost efficiency and extend the lifespan of your plumbing infrastructure.

3.Specialized Services: Some facilities require specialized plumbing solutions to recognize them uniquely. For example, Restaurants might need grease trap cleaning for Garbage backups. On the other hand, Industrial plants need backflow prevention devices to safeguard water supplies.

1.24/7 Availability: Plumbing emergencies wait for nothing. The soldiers are always ready to jump in and fix an emergency at any hour of the day or night. Most reputable plumber agencies offer 24/7 emergency services, so they’re ready when you call them to handle urgent situations, even on weekends and holidays.

C.Emergency Plumbing Services

2.Quick Response Times: When a plumbing crisis hits, you know it’s getting worse every minute. And here are good plumbing services required—just one call, and they respond rapidly. They also come to your door with the right tools and skills to knock out burst pipes.

3.Emergency Repairs: If your sewer line gets damaged by anything, the soldiers will be ready for your bathroom. Some plumbers are trained in Emergencies. They have the expertise to perform any crucial repairs on the spot, clearing clogs, stopping leaks, and restoring proper water flow before problems spiral out of control.

Why Choose Our Plumbing Services?

A.Licensed and Experienced Plumbers

Our plumbers know their work properly. Not only that, but they’re also professionally licensed with many years of experience. Our prominent leader always takes them on an ongoing training basis. As a result, they acquired the skills to tackle any plumbing problems smoothly.If you need licensed plumber singapore contact our team.

B.Affordable and Competitive Pricing

We assure you quality plumbing work at an affordable price. Not least, it is low compared to other plumbing services in Singapore. So you will be satisfied with our prices according to our work. Prices are fair and competitive; let’s make a deal, dude.

C.High-Quality Workmanship and Materials

We have done a lot of work with great reviews. You can find it on our homepage if you want to check it out. However, since we take great pride in our work, we can ensure you use top-notch materials built to last your repairs or new installations. So, you will surely enjoy the plumbing system smoothly for years.

D.Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our happiness is our happiness, and it matters most to every one of our teammates. However, if you’re not 100% satisfied with our work, let us know by one call. We’ll try to make it right. That’s the promise.


Service Areas

Plumbing Services in Singapore

  1. Specific areas/neighborhoods covered

We serve customers all across Singapore – central, north, east, and west. All in all, everywhere in Singapore.

In contrast, central areas like Orchard, Marina Bay, and Raffles Place.

Up north in Woodlands, Sembawang, or Yishun. Heading east to Tampines, Pasir Ris, or Changi. Down south in Harbourfront, Sentosa, or the East Coast. Over in the west – Jurong, Bukit Batok, Choa Chu Kang, Bishan, Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh? Just give us a call. Our plumbers are there for you. Drainage

  1. Nearby locations served

Our service area extends beyond the main island, too.

Need a plumber in Singapore anywhere? No problem. Just give us a call.

Living up north in Woodlands, Sembawang or Yishun? Our plumbers are there.

Plumbing Services Near Me

  1. Importance of choosing a local plumber. 

It’s always better to get help from locals. Local plumbers know the area’s plumbing systems well—no doubt. They also give you a quick fix for any leak or clogged drain. 

Choosing a local business means supporting your community. Local plumbers love to build long-term relationships through their service.

  1. Convenient service for residential and commercial customers

Plumbing emergencies can happen anytime; that’s a simple thing. The Great news is that our local plumbers serve residential and commercial customers. Like a Homeowner with a leaky faucet? A business owner with a pipe burst? They are on both of them.

For homes, we work efficiently with your routine. Emergency, we are ready to dive.

For businesses, we handle large projects while minimizing costly downtime.

Common plumbing problems and how to fix them

Plumbing issues pop up randomly, causing hassle, damage, and expenses. Some common problems you might face include:

Leaky faucets

These annoyances waste water, hike up your bill, and leave stains. Identify your faucet type (compression, ball, cartridge, or ceramic disc) and swap out the worn-out part.

Clogged drains

They’re a headache, causing backups, odors, and attracting pests. Remove the gunk with a plunger, snake, or chemicals. Prevent it with screens and filters; avoid chucking anything down the drain.

Running toilets

Running toilets are noisy and costly, wasting gallons daily. Find the culprit (flapper, fill valve, or flush valve) and fix or replace it with parts from the hardware store.

Low water pressure

This annoyance affects faucets, showers, and appliances, signaling leaks or blockages. Check the pressure regulator, clean aerators, filters, and showerheads, and fix any leaks or malfunctions.

Water heater issues

Serious issues impact hot water quality and safety. Identify your heater type and troubleshoot thermostat, heating element, or valve problems. If it’s too complex or involves gas/electricity, call a plumber.

How to Contact Us

A.Phone Number

Need us urgently? Call +65 9195 8262 anytime, 24/7.

Our friendly staff will assist with an emergency or schedule an appointment.

B.Email Address

Prefer email? Reach us at

Great for non-urgent queries or requesting quotes.

C.Online Booking/Inquiry Form

    Or use our convenient online form at Enter your details and plumbing needs, and we’ll reply promptly.


      Our main office is at ARB Construction Pte ltd, 29 Roberts Lane #02-01, Singapore 218308. But you don’t need to go there—we come to you anywhere in Singapore.

      Open Office Hours

      M-F: 8 am – 6 pm

      S-S: 10 am – 4 pm

      You’ll get professional, top-notch service no matter how you contact us.

      Customer satisfaction is our top priority from the beginning to when you start.


      Professional plumbing services are vital to ensuring your home’s system works. We offer expert knowledge and experience, time and cost efficiency, safety and health, and quality assurance. 

      By hiring our professional plumber services, you can get the hassle and stress-free perfect work. 

      Last, to let you know our plumbing Services and Benefits

      • Expertise and professionalism
      • Time and cost-efficiency
      • Safety and health
      • Quality assurance

      Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional plumbers and ensure your plumbing system is top-notch. Peace


      About this Process

      • Initial Assessment and Inspection
      • Problem Diagnosis
      • Repair or Installation Planning
      • Resource and Material Procurement
      • Plumbing Repairs or Installations
      • Quality Control and Testing
      • Cleanup and Waste Disposal
      • Client Consultation and Approval
      • Documentation and Reporting
        Emergency Plumbing Services (if needed)
      • Ongoing Maintenance (if requested)
      • Client Satisfaction Evaluation



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