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Looking for good, cheap electrical services in Singapore? Need a pro to handle your electrical stuff? Well, you’re in luck! ARB Construction Pte Ltd does top-notch electrical work in Singapore. 

We’ve got solutions for homes, offices, and big projects. Whether it’s installation, fixing, upkeep, or finding the problem, we’ve got the skills and gear to do it right.

Why Choose Us?

Hey, at ARB Construction Pte Ltd, we’re all about top-notch electrical services that fit your style and budget. Why us? Check it out:

  1. Legal and secure: 

We’re a legit and insured electrical crew in Singapore, playing by all the safety rules. Got that insurance safety net too, just in case.

  1. Pros at play: 

Our electricians are no rookies. They’re skilled and experienced, dealing with all kinds of electric gigs. They know the latest tech stuff, making sure your system is A-OK.

  1. All day, every day: 

Electrical problems don’t wait for a good time, right? That’s why we’re here 24/7, day or night. Need help ASAP? We got you, even with same-day service for those “can’t wait” moments.

  1. Happy customers:

You are important to us. Your needs, your vibration – we hear you. Free estimates, cool prices, and a warranty to seal the deal. We are here to please you with our Singapore-style electrical expertise.

Our electrical services in Singapore

We have a lot of electrical services in Singapore, covering everything from installation to maintenance. Here is the lowdown:

  1. Electrical wiring and rewiring: Our electrical contractor Singapore handles new wiring, ditches old faulty ones and upgrades to the latest standards.
  1. Electrical panels and circuit breakers: We install, repair, or replace panels and breakers to keep things safe and working. There are no glitches, overloads or short-circuits here.
  1. Lighting and Fixtures: Whether inside or outside, we are responsible for installing, installing, or replacing any lighting. Plus, we jazz up your space with cool lighting designs.
  1. Power point and switch: For all your appliance & device needs, our 24 hour electrician singapore will install, fix, or swap out power points & switches. Want some smart switches or dimmers? We got you.
  1. Ceiling fans and water heaters: Your ceiling fan or water heater, we will install, repair, or replace. We will also help you choose the right size and shape.
  1. Electrical testing and inspection: We will inspect your premises for electrical oddities and issue you a fancy report and certificate of compliance. And of course, throw in some tips for improvement.

Types of electrical services

 Home electrical stuff, office electrical stuff, big industrial electrical stuff – let’s talk about it.

Residential / Domestic electrical services

So, homes need power, right? Residential electricians deal with that. They set up new outlets, switches, and gadgets. If your place needs a wiring boost or a new panel, they got you. They’re also into safety – smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and security systems are their jam. Need a fan? Lights acting up? They’ll sort it out.

Commercial electrical services

Now, businesses – offices, shops, restaurants – they have their electrical game too. Commercial electricians are the heroes here. They design and set up systems for your business needs, following all those codes. Backup generators, surge protectors, and power supplies – they’ll hook you up. Got data and communication issues? They’ll handle it. Lights or signs acting crazy? They got the fix.

Industrial electrical services

Factories and warehouses are the real deal. Industrial electricians are like the wizards here. They design and set up systems for big machines. Motors, transformers, generators – they’re on it. High-voltage wiring and power distribution? Check. Automation and control panels? Yup. If anything’s acting weird in your industrial space, they’ll find and fix it.

Benefits of hiring professional electricians

Thinking about doing some electrical work on your own or hiring a handyman to cut costs? Bad idea! Electrical work isn’t a DIY thing. It’s tricky and can lead to big trouble if not done right. Save yourself from injuries, fires, and damages—go for the pros. Here’s why hiring them is the smart move:






        Safety First:

        Pros know their electricity game. Trained, certified, and all that jazz. They won’t zap themselves or set things on fire. Safety codes? Yeah, they follow those to keep your place intact.

        1. Top-Notch Quality:

        These electricians? They’re like the wizards of wires. Experience and qualifications mean they use the best stuff, top-notch techniques. Your electrical systems? Installed, maintained, repaired, and upgraded like a boss. 

        1. Speedy Gonzales Efficiency:

        Pros don’t mess around. Your projects? Done quicker and better. They know the ropes and have the tools. Future issues? Nipped in the bud. Time and money? Saved.

        1. Warranty Wonderland:

        Guess what? Pros back their work. Warranty and guarantees galore. If your electrical stuff goes wonky within a timeframe, they fix it for free or hand you back your moolah. Peace of mind? Check! Protection? Double check!

        How to choose the right electrical service provider

        Not all electricians are created equal. Some are top-notch, others not so much. So, when picking an electrician for your place, tread carefully. Here are some tips:

        1. License Check: Ensure your electrician’s got that official stamp of approval. Licenses mean they’ve jumped through hoops, learned the ropes, and aced some tests. It also means they play by the rules.
        1. Insurance Buzz: Your electrician needs to be covered. In case things go haywire (literally), insurance is your safety net. It’s a sign of professionalism and responsibility.
        1. Know-How Matters: Your electrician should know their stuff, especially for the job at hand. Experience is the key. It’s the difference between a smooth operation and a potential disaster.
        1. Reputation Game: Dig into their rep. What are people saying? Good vibes mean good work. Check reviews, ratings, and what the Better Business Bureau thinks. A strong rep is gold.

        Common electrical problems and solutions

        Electrical issues pop up whenever, wherever. They’re a real hassle, a total bother, and sometimes downright risky. So, you gotta know the common electrical headaches and fixes for your crib or workplace. Check these out:

        Power outages: 

        Imagine this – your place goes dark. No electricity! Blame it on storms, accidents, glitches, or just maintenance. Power outages mess with your lights, gadgets, and security gear. For backup, grab a generator, surge protector, or a power supply that won’t quit. Also, hit up your utility folks or an electrician pronto to figure out what’s up and get your power back on.

        Flickering lights: 


        Lights playing tricks on you – dimming, brightening, all that jazz. Loose wires, overloaded circuits, cranky bulbs, or wonky voltage might be the culprits. It messes with your vibe, right? Fix it – change bulbs, tighten wires, balance the load, and steady that voltage. If it keeps bugging you, ring up an electrician.

        Tripped circuit breakers: 

        Breakers deciding they’ve had enough and slamming shut. Too many gadgets, dodgy wiring, or busted breakers can cause this drama. Power supply takes a hit, and you’re stuck in the dark. Reset by unplugging stuff, find that tripped breaker switch, and switch it back on. Plug things in one by one. If it’s a recurring issue, fix or swap out the faulty wiring or breakers.

        Faulty wiring: 

        Your wiring’s gone rogue – loose, frayed, corroded, or just exposed. Blame it on old age, wear and tear, critters, water, or shoddy installs. It’s a fire hazard waiting to happen. Stay ahead – check your wiring often, slap on proper insulation, and get a sparky to do the wiring hokey-pokey – install, upgrade, or replace as needed. Safety first!

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        Need electrical services in Singapore? ARB Construction Pte Ltd – Your best electrical services near me has you covered! Top-notch work, great prices, and awesome customer service. Hit us up for a free quote or to book. We’re here 24/7 for you.










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