Looking for top-notch painting services in Singapore? Want to give your place a new look with a fresh paint job? Need skilled painters who can get the job done well without breaking the bank?

You’re in luck! Welcome to ARB Painting Services Group – Singapore’s go-to painting company. We’ve got your back for all things painting, from interiors to exteriors, watercolors to epoxy – you name it. Big or small, we’ll paint it all, and we’ll do it with skill and speed.

What is Painting Services?

Painting Service is like slapping color on things – walls, floors, furniture, whatever. Pros do it, and so do people who just like messing around. There are different painting gigs, like inside jobs, outside gigs, watercolor, epoxy, oil – you name it. Each one has its perks, issues, and tricks. It’s all about making things look good, protecting surfaces, or just playing with effects.

Why Choose ARB Painting Services Group?

ARB Painting Services Group, the OG painting crew with a decade in the game. Our squad’s stacked with top-notch painters, totally owning any paint job, no sweat. We roll with the primo gear and materials, guaranteeing top-tier results that’ll blow your mind.

Why ARB, you ask? Peep these perks:

1. High-quality work: We paint your crib to perfection, with no details missed, and no spots untouched. Your place’s gonna look fly.

2. Affordable prices: We’re talking competitive prices that’ll have you saving big – up to 30%. Bulk orders and regulars? We hook you up with discounts and special deals.

3. Fast turnaround time: We get it – time’s money. We’ll crush your project within the deadline or even faster. Need it pronto? We have express and urgent services for that extra hustle.

4. Free consultation and quotation: Hit us up for a free sit-down. We’ll swing by, scope out your scene, and drop a no-strings-attached, dead-on quote – on the house.

5. Free color consultation and sample: Can’t decide on the hues? We got you. Free color consult and samples in the mix. Pick from a rainbow, and slap it on your wall for a sneak peek. Bam – visualized!

6. Warranty and insurance: We have your back with a solid 2-year warranty on our craft. Plus, we’re packing insurance to keep you and your spot safe from any hiccups or oopsies. Straight-up peace of mind, fam.

Our Painting Services

ARB Painting Services Group’s got your back with all sorts of painting vibes. At home or office, we’ve got the perfect paint plan for you. Check it out:

Indoor Painting

Jazz up your place by slapping some color on the walls, ceilings, doors, windows – basically, all the inside stuff. It’s not just about looks; it’s about setting the vibe right and saving your place from looking beat-up. Plus, you get to show off your style by picking from a rainbow of colors and themes.

ARB Painting Services Group is on it, hooking you up with top-notch indoor painting for homes and offices. We’re the masters of all surfaces – concrete, plaster, wood, metal, plastic – you name it. Any room you want – living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office – we got you covered. Our paint game is strong, using the best eco-friendly, odorless, and tough paints. And guess what? We nail the prep and application to give you that sleek, flawless finish. Let’s make your space pop!

Exterior Painting

Painting outside is like giving your place a facelift. We do it all at ARB Painting Services Group – houses, shops, factories, you name it. From brick to vinyl, we paint it all. We use top-notch paints that laugh in the face of weather and UV rays. Not only does it make your property pop, but it also shields it from the elements. Get ready for a makeover that lasts. We’ve got the skills and the colors – let’s make your space stand out!

Watercolor Painting

Painting with watercolors is like using magic pigments that dance on your walls, giving off a see-through, glowy vibe. It’s not just about slapping paint; it’s about bringing a gentle touch of artsy charm to your space. With watercolor, you get to play the artist, picking colors and patterns that vibe with your style.

At ARB Painting Services Group, we’re the wizards of watercolor. Our paint squad knows how to turn your walls into a masterpiece. We use the top-notch stuff—colors so vibrant they practically shout, “Look at me!” Smooth strokes and a lasting impression are our specialties. We prep and paint like it’s an art form, ensuring your walls are a work of art.

Epoxy Paint

Epoxy paint is a mix of two things: resin and hardener. It gives a glossy, tough coat for floors, walls, or ceilings. It’s a shield against abrasion, impact, chemicals, and moisture. Plus, it amps up the look and function with colors and finishes.

At ARB Painting Services Group, we rock epoxy paint for homes and businesses. We slap it on concrete, wood, metal, or tile, anywhere from garages to bathrooms. Our epoxy paints are top-notch – strong, sleek, and sticking around. We do it right for a flawless, long-lasting finish.

Oil Painting Singapore

Oil painting, it’s like, using oils to make art. You know, the colorful stuff? Gives your walls that super cool vibe. Adds some classy feel, too. Makes your space all fancy and artsy.

Check it out, at ARB Painting Services Group, we’re all about top-notch oil painting. Got this awesome team of painters who are like, total pros. They create these mind-blowing paintings on your walls. Using the best oil paints and materials. Super bright, smooth, and lasts forever.

We’re all about the right prep and techniques. So, your walls end up looking like pure art. Trust us, it’s gonna be awesome.

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Need dope painting services in Singapore? ARB Painting Services Group has your back – it is the best painting service in Singapore! We’re the go-to crew for all your painting gigs, big or small. We’ll turn your place into a jaw-dropping masterpiece that’ll wow your peeps and clients.

Hit us up now for a free chat and quote on our killer painting skills. Trust us, you’ll dig the top-notch job we pull off in record time. Can’t wait to team up with you and bring your painting fantasies to life!

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